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Insalata Caprese

A few weeks ago I saw this recipe by bell’alimento and I knew I needed to reproduce ASAP. So after ¬†a quick trip to the store for some wonderful tomatoes and fresh mozzarella I assembled my very own. I love the simplicity¬†of this recipe and the flavors just go so well together. This is one of those dishes you just can’t do right without wonderful produce. Which reminds me to tell people not to refrigerate your tomatoes unless you absolutely have to, they will lose their flavor otherwise and you end up with a flavorless red disks.


5 Responses to “Insalata Caprese”

  1. Hi Andy! So glad you liked my recipe! This is one of my favorite summer recipes to make :) I never get tired of it. & You’re completely right, the freshest ingriedients are key!

  2. Deborah Dowd says:

    Simple and delicious- the definition of a great summer meal!

  3. Forgetit says:

    Good stuff, I “Stumbled” you. My DIGG account got messed up but I like Stumbling better anyway.

  4. Kellygirl says:

    Nice, Andy! Love the videos. And good to see your smiling face. You do a great job of presenting information. And now I want a good caprese!

    • Andy W says:

      Thanks for your note Kelly!

      Thanks for stopping in. I will be posting some really tasty stuff soon, including Marion-Berry Pie. So check back often!!


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